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My inspiration

by Juliemara

Photo credits
1. Joy Prouty

Mom to 4. From CA. Sold everything to take a trip for a year in a trailer, it broke down after four months. Found a farm to live on in Washington state. Travels for work.
2. Melissa Jordan

Mom to 2, really close together. Works full time. Husband is a musician/stay at home dad. Lives in NC.
3. Kassi Baquet

Mom to 5, the youngest are twins, recently moved from south Texas to CA. She is gorgeous. Her youngest son has CF.

Every morning when I see my beautiful little girls faces I am inspired to get the day going and make it the best it can be for them and me. By the end of the day I’ve lost all my inspiration, and usually most of my patience. And so after all my babies have been put to bed I turn on my phone and search for some more inspiration to get me through the night. My nights still consist of waking at least twice to settle Noa and once for one of the twins. I have become all but addicted to Instagram. I follow a community of creatives from all over the world. Most of them are small business owners, many of them moms, and they all capture beautiful images of everyday moments that make me want to find more beauty in my everyday. But the truly inspiring part of seeing a snap shot into these peoples lives are the captions that accompany the pictures. They are honest and not nearly as perfect as the picture above may seem. They tell about a hard day, or being up all night with a sick child, they are worried as to how they will pay the next bill and they feel like the little time they have with their children is too quickly slipping away. I don’t know these women personally but I would like to think that if our paths ever crossed we could sit and have coffee and talk like old friends while our children played in a beautiful field. But until then, I’ll keep visiting Instagram each night, and find those little reminders that it’s hard for everyone for different reasons, it’s ok to not be perfect, or the best because all that really matters to them are hugs and food. I’m still trying to get Jordan to understand that clothing is not optional.

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You’re not allowed to do that

by Juliemara

This post should probably be about my two-year-olds. But that would be a very very very long and probably boring post. This one is about Noah, at six-month-old baby is trying to crawl. She’s not supposed to do that. She supposed to stay My Baby. But this little one is on a mission to keep up with her sisters.

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Things they say..

by Juliemara

This past weekend we rented a cabin in the Mountains with friends. Is was a rustic little home with antique furnishings. In our room there was a dresser topped with a mirror. One afternoon Jordan was standing in our room while I fed Noa. She noticed another room through the frame of the mirror,
“can I go in there?” She asked.
Me, “in that other room?”
Jordan, “yes.”
Me, “no, it’s a mirror. You are already in that room.””
Jordan, “can I go in the mirror?”
Me, “no”.
She left before I had a chance to lifer her up so she could see herself in the mirror.

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by Juliemara

toddler_art 114 115 116 117 118 119

I loved arts and crafts when I was little, I still do. When I found out I was having twins I was excited about two things, that my little girls would always have the perfect see saw partner and arts and crafts. We have a craft closet that could win awards. These girls are always up for a project. They usually find a way to make a huge mess but isn’t that what being a toddler is about.

Photos by Heidi

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6 Months

by Juliemara


We are there, Six Months! The time flew, in a blink she is turning into her own little person, she has so much personality and is a very lovable little baby.  She nuzzles her little head under my chin whenever she sees new people and has started giving me zerberts on my cheeks and chin. Her cheeks, on the other hand,  have withstood the the months, I dread the day her cheek bones make an appearance, but I know it’s inevitable, until then I will continue to munch on them every chance I get. Miss Noa gives the term bouncing baby a whole new meaning. She had her first try at a bouncy swing at a friends house, she loved it, but with two toddlers to push her this way and that and give her a good spin, she was ready to call it quits pretty quick. I realized the two doorway swings I had in the basement were not going to cut it in our house. I borrowed a jumparoo, like this one, from a friend and she loves it. She bounces and bounces, with a box under her feet because she’s not tall enough to touch her feet to the ground in it yet. I’m not sure she knows she can just sit in it. After about 20 minutes of bouncing she starts crying, but continues bouncing. I take her out, otherwise she’ll just bounce and cry.  She loves playing with toys, eats all of them and any solid foods I offer her. So far she has had, acorn squash, zucchini, peas, sweet potato, cauliflower, apples, avocado and banana. She is getting pretty good at putting the pacifier in her mouth all by herself and can pass toys from one hand to the other. She loves to laugh, she will find any reason to let out a good chuckle, a sigh, a sneeze, any unexpected sound, but usually it’s her sisters entertaining her. She loves them and is ready to get in on the action. She literally tries to leap out of my arms to go and play with them, she gets pretty upset when she lands on her face and can’t get anywhere else. I have no doubt it won’t be long, she is already tucking her little knees under her legs every so often. Living life with a crawler and two home wreckers will be an interesting adjustment, I have a feeling there will be more child locks and many a beaded bracelet stowed away for a while. I us to have the eye of a hawk for tiny things on the ground, I hope that skill reruns although I have a feeling it’s inevitable that I will be pulling much more out of Noas’ mouth than I ever did with the twins.

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Time for teething

by Juliemara

amber_teething_necklace IMG_6375  IMG_6792 IMG_6807

Every infant goes through a oral phase around four months. It’s when their taste buds start to develop which causes a lot of drooling. Some infants also start teething around this time, which also causes a lot of drooling and pain. Most infants don’t start teething until a little later but since the teeth start causing pain before you can see them there is really no way to tell.
When Taila and Jordan started teething we gave them cold and frozen things to chew on, some tylenol before bed but it wasn’t until a week of sleepless nights around their first birthday that I got them amber teething necklaces. Once they had them on there wasn’t much fussiness over the whole teething thing anymore. Maybe it was coincidence that the bulk of the pain was gone after that terrible week, maybe not. This time around I’m not taking any chances. Noa is five months old and wears her teething necklace day and night. Since the twins were little I have learned that the most effective amber for teething are the lighter and cloudier beads.

Noa’s necklace was a gift from They sell real baltic amber necklaces with distribution in the US so it doesn’t take a month to get it. I have had dozens of moms ask me about the necklaces the girls wore, most moms wait until the pain become unbearable before getting the necklace, don’t do that to your self. The amber isn’t’ magic it has to build up it’s strength, so the longer they child wears it the better. The amber has a natural anti inflammatory in it called sussinic acid that gets into the skin from the resin beads, adults with arthritis also benefit from wearing amber jewelry. Talia and Jordan stopped wearing their necklaces when they started to bite through the beads around age two. A few months ago both girls were going through a bitting phase, I though maybe they were having pain from two year old molars, I put the necklace I had received as a gift for Noa on Jordan to see if it helped Don’t put a necklace on a toddler for the first time. If they don’t mess with it leave it on as long as possible. But it didn’t really and she pulled it off breaking the clasp, so I ended up buying Noa a new one from anyway. Amber for babies posts coupon codes for their Facebook followers every once in a while so if you are or will be in the market for an amber necklace like their Facebook so you can get the code. They also have great Pinterest boards and some interesting twitter comments if you want to keep in the know of all their new products and info.


This is a Sponsored post by, all content and thoughts are my own.

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Thift Shop Win

by Juliemara

IMG_6576 IMG_6563 bonpoint_baby


I don’t need any new clothes for Noa. But I love new clothes. I just like looking at different outfits. Plus I dress Noa much differently than the girls were dressed. When Talia and Jordan were babies they wore two piece outfits because they were pretty much on the floor all day. And if they spit up or pooped out of their diaper it was easier to change half an outfit rather than the whole thing. Noa is out and about with me. I prefer to dress her in one pieces, especially the woven ones with this summer being as warm as it is and her being the little chunkster that she is. I didn’t have many one pieces like this in the 3-6 month size. I have some bigger ones and a few knit ones. I bought one or two new ones and then I discovered Once Upon a Child. A second hand kids clothing and toy store. It’s kind of my new favorite place. I love going in there and doing a once over to see if there is anything that I really don’t need but just need to have. and for a dollar or two, it’s worth the effort. A few weeks back I was looking for some new one piece woven suits for her and spotted the prettiest floral fabric. When I pulled it off the rack it was the softest fabric I’d ever felt. The tag was marked $14, which is pretty expensive for a second hand store. They price these items based on the brands, this one was Bonpoint, the most perfect French children’s clothing brand. Lucky for me they were having a half off sale. So for $7 I got this suit (in the pics) that would retail for $80 new, CRAZY! Please note the actual buttons at the bottom, aww.

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Room for two

by Juliemara




Talia and Jordan are completely into Cinderella right now. I got them the movie, which I had forgotten how great it is, and we happen to have the book on the shelf. So now every few days we get through the feature film and almost every night we read the story before bed and in between the girls act out various scenes from the fairy tale, ask me the same questions from what they recall over and over. I never thought I would have princess children, but I do, two, and one who laughs her head off at them.
Today Jordan ran to get her “princess dress”? Held it in her arms as she twirled around and said “this is my dress, it’s lovely. The birdies made it for me, oh thank you birdies, thank you. I love you birdies” it’s just one of those little moments that makes me smile, and I’m glad I have a place to write it down.

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A must read

by Juliemara






I’m still getting the hang of this SAHM thing, and being broken in by two two year olds and a baby is pushing me to my very limit of mental and physical exhaustion. I’m hungry most of the time, thirsty a lot, I need to pee twice as many times as I actually do in a day, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for any other way of life. So to get through it I have been researching the terrible twos and looking for tips from seasoned SAHMs. I found this fantastic article about how the mind of a two year old works, it won’t take away all the chaos that is everyday but it helps. And from those moms who have it down to a science I’ve found I am a lot like the set out there who would rather do a puzzle with my kids than reorganize the toys, the kids don’t care if they are organized. I do envy the Self proclaimed OCD moms who clear the sink and the floor every night before bed, how nice to wake up to a clutter free start to the day, oh well guess I’ll never know what that’s like. And I don’t care if the bath toys sit in the bottom of the tub until tomorrows bath. The Washington Post published this story that gives a dose of reality to what a day in the life of a SAHM is all about. The line that hit home to me, “I’d rather not be that mom who ignores our kids, and myself, because I’m so busy worrying about what the neighbors might think of our messy house.”
Just for the record, my husband is pretty laid back about the kid clutter during the week, it’s me who has the though time deciding weather to organize the tornado or just play birthday party for the 18th time.

We had a photographer come take some family portraits of us. I’m really happy with how they turned out. I’ll share more of the photos when I get the CD but I yes one as our new image on top baby blogs. Please check it out by voting, click the Top Baby Blogs button to the right or below then the owl on the left. We are currently #30ish. Thank you

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Baby bites

by Juliemara




Noa loves food! It’s been about a week since we started giving her solids, so far she has had acorn squash and avacado. We started her off with the acorn squash once a day and already she is eating twice a day three servings total. She gobbles it all up. Sometimes she cries if I don’t give her more fast enough. Below is the video of the first time she ate solids. As a fair warning, it is not a very exciting video, I could watch it on repeat for a while, but you will probably get bored after the first 10 seconds, which is all you should really watch anyway.

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