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by Juliemara




It’s what you say when you can’t believe something is happening before your eyes. Every time I watch my children at the playground I have to remind myself to let them play, be kids, and take the chances that although may get them a boo boo will also teach them more than not falling ever could.
Funny to me the same word we use when something scares us means something wonderful.

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Little voices – Counting

by Juliemara

Talia and Jordan have such distinct little voices, in going to do my best to capture as many if their little sayings before they learn what reservations are, because right now, they have none.

Jordan has a very excited little voice, she says things like “I’m so (pause) HAPPY”

Talia used her voice to mimic how something may look, like when she says the word bug to describe something she says it in a papa bear kind of voice with her voice low and her chin tucked.

Here is a video Jordan counting,

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My bad

by Juliemara


My twins are at an age where I better mean what I say because they will remember and expect that it hold true. Well I made a mommy mistake with this one.

Thinking ahead to summer I discovered that the girls cute little gold saltwater sandals still fit them (they were big on them last summer) so I went a head and brought them back out. After a full day if playing at home it was time to go out for pizza, I could only find one of four pairs of sneakers so I put both girls in socks and sandals, fashion fail, I know, it was the best I could do in a hurry. The problem though, was not the fashion faux pas, it was that I had told Jordan earlier in the week that they were summer shoes, and when she asked if they were for the beach I said yes. So when I put them on her she assumed she was headed for the beach. And was soooo sad when we told her she was not. She even ran to get my husband a pair of “slippers” (flip flops, that were actually mine) for him to wear. She cried and cried, I felt really bad. I’m working on planning a late spring/early summer beach trip.

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Noa, 1 Month

by Juliemara


Noa Mechal Sack, my tiny baby girl. One month went by so fast. Which is why this post is happening weeks late.

The first week we spent just hanging out at the hospital, eating and sleeping. The second week we spent getting adjusted to life at home with a lot of help from Pachelle and Safta, and trying to get your sisters to understand the difference between you and their dolls. Week three Nana came back to help out and hold you. And on week four we realized you had reflux when you would cry any time you were put down while awake.

You had a busy first month, you rolled over from your tummy to your back, you met so many of your sisters friends, you went to the park and wore your first Purim costume (which mommy was too stressed about having you out to remember to take a picture).

For the most part you are an easy baby. The fact that there is just one of you really adds to that ease. You are an awesome sleeper. I know I will eat my words for saying that out loud but I must brag. You just go to sleep at night when it’s time, I lay you down wide awake and after a few grunts you are sleeping like a baby. When you wake up to eat I change your diaper first, feed you and with in 20 minutes you are back to sleep and so am I, until your sisters wake me up screaming.

You love your bath really warm, the vacuum noise, baby massage and your sisters bed time routine. I guess it’s familiar from when you were in my tummy all those months. I’m convinced the reflux is because you are the third. It always happens in the afternoon when your sisters are home from school and awake after their nap. I think you know that the minute you are done eating you are on your own while I get them a snack and an activity. So to avoid being left in the bouncy seat with the same black and white pictures you’ve been starring at for weeks you just keep sucking, which means you eat more than your little belly can take. So now I cut you off, sorry, but it seams to be working along with the medicine.

I love you little snuggle bug, I love kissing your squishy cheeks and how you hold my hand. We are all happy you are hear. You have many of fun months ahead so if it seems a little crazy right now, it is, but it will calm down and just get more fun.




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by Juliemara


I learned what colic means, unexplainable crying episodes around the same time each day, I’m not a fan. It’s like she thinks it’s what she is suppose to do. It’s been going on for a couple of weeks in the late afternoon thru early evening. I wonder if she just thinks that since Talia and Jordan make so much noise during this time she should too?? What ever it is I’ll be glad when she grows out of it, because right now it makes for a difficult end to already exhausting days.

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by Juliemara






Having a two year old is a lesson in patience. I don’t think it really matters how many two year olds you have, they will test you to your very limit. But slowly my husband and I are learning that despite their vastly improved vocabulary and concrete opinions the easiest way through any situation is tell them how it is and move quickly. Lately we have been experiencing temper tantrums on a more regular basis. It’s so frustrating that the easiest way to get through any situation is also the best way to guarantee these battles continue. Saying no and sticking to it teaches them they can’t have everything the moment they want it but it’s not easy to do. I try not to use empty threats that I won’t follow through on and my husband and I are constantly trying not to jump in and “help” the other when dealing with one if these tantrums. Since taking away a toy doesn’t mean anything to these two because they have a hundred other toys they like just as much I say do this now or you are going straight to bed without stories, that has been working pretty well. In the mornings I just turn off the lights and walk out the door, not once has anyone decided to stay behind, no matter how loud they cried that they didn’t want to go to school.

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Noa turns 1 month

by Juliemara





Noa turned one month old on the 17th. Her doctor visit was all good. She went from 7lbs 2oz at her two week to 8lbs 11oz at her one month. She is in the 37th percentile for weight. She grew an inch outer her at 20 something percentile for height. And her head is big, 50th ish percentile. The doctor prescribed her some baby reflux medicine because she would cry and spit up if I lay her down within an hour after she eats.

Aside from the reflux issue life with Noa is good. She is starting to enjoy her toys, and will spend 10 minutest here and there on her play gym or bouncy seat. She is always really calm when she is in her sisters room. And seems to like watching Talia and Jordan play. She is screaming less when I change her diaper and in the car.

I think most of the changes good and bad (aside from the ones having to do with the reflux) are because I am figuring her out, or making silly mistakes. Like eating almost all the chocolate chip brownies my sweet neighbor brought over which probably had a lot to do with Noa not wanting to sleep until 11pm. I’m tired, maybe I should eat a brownie.

Noa is exclusively breast milk fed. I’m really happy I am able to do this because it means great nutrition for her an almost no bottle cleaning for me! I do pump every few days because I have over supply which can become painful. I also want to have backup saved so that if we need it, we have it. Noa gets a bottle of less than an ounce of breast milk at the start of two feedings a day with her reflux medicine mixed in. She spit it all out when I tried to give it to her directly.

I have no issue with formula feeding babies. I completely trust the nutrition it provides. The twins were fed supplements of formula from day one and they were and are very healthy strong toddlers.

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by Juliemara


I think I am suffering from mommy brain or I am officially sleep deprived.

My mom was here helping me for a week and a half. I was sad to have her leave. After having been gone for less than 24 hours she called to check in.

Mom, “how are things going?”

Me, “Ok, Mondays are hard.”

The thing is it’s Friday. She didn’t alert me to this fact, just told me things would get easier.

Thanks for being a great mom, Mom.

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Three weeks in

by Juliemara







Three weeks in I am starting to feel more like myself again. I can move around almost as good as I could before I was pregnant although I have to keep reminding myself to take it easy because I get tired very quickly. Despite the fact that Noa is great at night, she eats and goes back to sleep in about 30-45 minutes. 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night is wearing on me. I try to get a nap in when ever I can but it dosent always happen. Otherwise she’s a good baby, eats good, is starting to “play”, and loves it when I sing to her. She has her moments of frustration with that painful newborn screaming, like almost every time she gets her diaper changed. And other times she is as peaceful as can be and She’s getting bigger by the minute.
Talia and Jordan are sleeping fairly well, thankfully. It’s been several nights since one or both have ended up in our bed. I’m sure I’ll regret uttering that statement tomorrow. Someone usually wakes up and calls for us in the middle of the night, but a big hug and a quite song usually sends them back to sleep in minutes. So I am mentally preparing myself for another few years of sleep deprivation and the forgetfulness and lack of patience that comes with it.
Baby Noa hasn’t changed the girls behavior all that much, she dosent impact there lives really, at least not yet. I can’t always go to them like I use to be able to, but I do my best to talk them through boo boos or a frustrating task. For the most part they go about being busy toddlers pretending and playing. And telling me, “we just need to play a little bit” when I tell them it’s time to come inside for dinner.

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That hair

by Juliemara



My oldest sister always says she had my child, her oldest has a very strong personality. Looks like I had our middle sisters children, she has a head full of fussili pasta like hair, just like Talia and Jordan. My new hobby is finding the perfect ringlet on their head, streaching it out and watching it bounce right back. A past time I enjoyed tormenting my older sister with as kids. My girls don’t seam to mind it, not yet at least.

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