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by Juliemara

I love watching her sleep

Talia is into modern dance performance.

In order for naps to happen, lunch has to be part of the morning activity, picnics are the easiest. We love our Goodbyn lunch boxes.

early morning painting.

The girls rocked their end of year performance.

We had brunch.

We went berry picking.

That face, enough said.

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Chofesh Gadol

by Juliemara


Hebrew for The Big Vacation. Today was the girls first day of summer vacation. They were completely confused. They didn’t understand why abba had to go to work when they didn’t have to go to school. It was also the first regular ol’ Monday that I got to stay home with all three girls and be a mom all day. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Blue skies, puffy white clouds a perfect 74 degrees. It was the kind of day when I use to sit at my desk on the 12th floor and stare out the window wishing I could be at the park with my girls, today I was. And they were crying for their abba (sigh) . They stopped eventually and once the nanny explained that the video that they watch in Hebrew is about the chofesh gadol they seemed excited about what tomorrow will bring.

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Things they say..

by Juliemara








As the twins quickly approach their third birthday I cringe at the thought of my toddlers turning into little girls. Sure two toddlers is a handful and exhausting but oh the fun and laughs. I can’t count the number of times each day when their thoughts and actions make me roll with laughter. I know they will always make me smile and laugh but each year it will be for a different reason and their two year old humor will disappear never to return.

Jordan has recently started calling her sister “baba” I have no idea why but it is the cutest thing ever.

Talia loves to play pretend, when she pretends she’s leaving or is actually leaving she say “bye, see you later morrow.”

Abba often comes home with gifts and treats and each time Talia says “to me?” Instead of “for me”.

Jordan loves to ask what everyone’s name is but she has no idea which pronoun goes with which gender, so when the young man at the grocery store is checking us out and Jordan asks “what’s her name?” We get funny looks, I try to explain she’s only two.

Jordan is very curious, she is always asking about things belonging to people she saw a new pair of shoes I’d bought and didn’t recognize them, so she asked “who’s that somebody’s shoes?” Or in the car she’s always asking “who’s that somebody’s car?” Or about people, “what’s that somebody’s mommy?”

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Three Months

by Juliemara


Miss Noa, you think I’d have time to write more about with all my new found free time since having quit working, but the thing is tacking care of a baby and trying to give your big sisters ample attention doesn’t leave much free time at all. And at the end if the day, I sleep as fast as I can possibly get in bed. I wonder about those people who can sleep for five hours a night and function like a normal human being, I am not one of them.

Enough about me at three months, this is about you. My sweet little baby. It’s a good thing I wrote about those days when you would scream for hours, because they are long forgotten. You seem to be the happiest baby ever. You started smiling about two weeks ago and smile all the time. It’s as if you know what cute means already, when I tell you you are cute, you smile bigger, gurgle, and turn your head to flirt a little. You love to play, I can leave you on your little kick and play piano mat for a good 10+ minutes before I even hear a sound from you. You love to be outside, you love your swing, you even tolerate tummy time for close to 15 minutes at a single time. And you love to just get carried around, propped up on my shoulder or napping in your carrier.

Noa you have perfected your schedule, you eat, play until you hit the 90 minute mark then you sleep until it’s time to eat again. And you are my night time dream baby, you wake up around 3 or 4 and go right back to sleep again until 7. And you burp like a champ right on que.

I could stare at you all day if nothing else had to be done and I think the feeling is mutual. You don’t seem to mind when I share you but no matter who is holding you you are starting at me, you will follow me around a room with your eyes.

Basically you are a tiny little dream. Easy, happy, kind of makes me want another one one day.

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Things they say…

by Juliemara

We visited a friend over the weekend who has a gated driveway. When we pulled up and stopped to wait for it to open Jordan yelled from the way back, “open door cage!”

Tonight while putting the girls to bed they tried, as they always do, to let them stay up longer, Talia said to me (in a very sweet voice), “Mommy, I need to play…because…I want to play”

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Things they say

by Juliemara



Jordan is in the “Why?” stage, we can get 20 deep in an explanation before she is satisfied.

Talia isn’t into asking why, probably because she thinks she knows everything. This morning while i was changing her diaper she asked “baby in your belly?” (I guess I still look pregnant)
Me,”no, the baby came out. Noa is the baby. ”
Me,”Did you know you and Jordan were in my belly together.”
Talia,”Not Abba?”

Hahah, I love that she thought one of them came from my husband! I was almost sad that I had told her the truth, what a fun belief.

Happy Mother Day to my mom. I love you.

And Happy Mothers Day to my sister and all the moms and all the moms and moms to be.

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Morning Light

by Juliemara


The light that comes into our house during the day hours is so beautiful. I read a lot of blogs (or I use to) and look at a lot of beautiful images online. I have learned from looking and reading that a great picture starts with great light. With babies you have to have great light and a happy subject, over the past several years there were only a few Saturdays and Sundays where I was able to use that light to get great photos of Talia and Jordan when they were both happy. I took these photos myself of miss Noa, on a random Tuesday morning, I’m so happy with them and it is one of the many things I am excited to be able to do over the next few years while I stay home to be with my children and take care of my family.  I gave my job my official notice that I won’t be returning, instead I’ll take my kids to school, make them dinner and in time become a work from home mom on something of my own. Hey maybe I’ll become a baby photographer!

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2 month stats

by Juliemara


Little Noa, your getting big so fast. We had your dreaded two month doctors visit several weeks ago ( I’m doing my best to keep up over here). You rocked the tummy time test for the nurse, lifted your head all the way up and even turned to look at me. You weren’t so willing to show off for the doctor after he made you mad by pushing on your belly. I don’t blame you little baby.

At two months you are weighing in at 10lbs 15ozs, 38th percentile

measured 22″ long, 25th percentile

and head circumference of 38.2cm, which is 50th percentile.

everyone thinks you are really big because of your head.

This visit included your first vaccinations, no fun. But you were a champ. You showed just how loud you can scream but calmed down relatively quickly. Then our nanny just held you until bed time so there wasn’t much to complain about. What a different experience from when the twins were two months.


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Moments in time

by Juliemara








I am trying to be present for these little moments, through the tantrums and constant defiance of two two year olds and the foggy head of sleep deprevation, just trying to enjoy the fun little moments.

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2 Months

by Juliemara






These monthly updates are bitter sweet. I love the bouncing baby I can see you becoming. But so much of me wants you to stay tiny and fragile and sleepy.

I love watching you eat. Now that the reflux is under control and a meal won’t usually send you into a screaming fit, watching your little cheeks stretch and puff as you nurse makes me smile.

You are a really good baby, sure you’d prefer to be held, who wouldn’t, but you are happy in your swing watching your hands move in the mirror. Or on your mat with your star singing your tunes. You love being outdoors.

You are starting to lift your head like a champ during tummy time and like when I give you some leverage by propping you up on the boppy.

You reach for your toys and even grabbed and held the baby ball.

You sleep all morning and fuss all afternoon, at 7 on the dot you are ready for bed. You are still an awesome night time sleeper, you went five hours several times already.

Your sisters love you.

We love you and feel lucky that you are ours.


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