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Noa’s First Doctors Visit

by Juliemara


It was a morning of many firsts for all the girls. We moved Talia and Jordan to row C seats 1 & 3 and Noa got row B seat 1. Seat 2 is currently in storage until Talia and Jordan Learn to buckle themselves. Any passenger wishing to ride in row C seat 2 must measure no more than 6 inches wide. Talia and Jordan seem to really like the way back, but for some reason I can’t quite figure out, they both love seat 1 behind Noa.

As for the doctors appointment at almost two weeks old, everything went well, Noa is gaining weight at the acceptable rate .5-.75ozs per day. She was up to 7.2lbs. She was 7.4lbs at birth and dropped down to 6.12 lbs in the hospital. According to the pediatrician Noa grew 1/2 inch in less than two weeks making her 19 1/2 inches, seems like a lot to me.
Maybe it’s true she’s already growing out of her clothes!
Everything else checked out normal and healthy. I love all the reassuring tidbits they give you at these newborn visits. It’s like a crash course in keeping baby alive while not freaking yourself out over every little thing. My favorite advice this visit was squinting, grunting, and hiccups are all normal when baby is trying to poop.

The winner of the GooseWaddle blanket set giveaway is Candace. I will be contacting you via email. Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who entered!

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Twins are hard

by Juliemara


Twins are hard. I know that now. Two years ago I would have told you twins aren’t any harder than one baby, they just take longer. But the truth is I didn’t know what I was talking about, I’d never had one baby. And now that I do, I know. That was hard. That was scary. I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things a new mom of one normally does. I had a strict schedule that we kept, I couldn’t spend hours laying around with my newborn in my arms without a worry, because there was another newborn who needed me too. Have you ever tried to hold two newborns at once? My guilt was justified, I just didn’t know it then. Little Noa gets held a lot, probably more than she should, but since I am still healing I am justifying my hours of doing nothing except starring at her sweet sleeping face.
I still have twins, obviously, but they aren’t that hard, ok I lie, they are two, and they have a voice, but the amount of fun they bring to our lives makes the hard times worth it.
I’ll always feel a little sad for Noa that she won’t have that built in playmate. I know the girls will love to have her join them when she is big enough, but it will never be the same as what Talia and Jordan have, and I’m not sure there is anything I can do to prevent her from wishing one day, that she too had a twin. Only time will tell.
I know when I had the girls lots of new twin moms read this blog, I’m not sure how many still do. But now more than ever my heart goes out to these women trying to figure out life with newborn twins. If you have a friend who has or is about to have twins, help them in what ever way you can. Bring food, do the dishes, take out the trash, hold a baby, do a load of wash. Be generous with your time if you can and patient with your friendship. Your friend will come around, but it will take time, she’s busy right now.

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I have helpers

by Juliemara


Talia and Jordan are such big girls, they have opinions and get really involved in make believe these days. They also love any sort of activity that has them accomplish a task in multiple steps. They go to a Montessori based preschool, so maybe it’s having an impact on them, but I love it. Because yesterday they helped me set the table! And they did a great job.

I haven’t noticed any “regression” from Talia and Jordan since Noa came home. They are interested in her but not in her face, they are protective and curious, but most of the time they just forget she’s even there and go about their day. We feel that the best way to integrate her into their lives is not make a big deal out of her presences but rather just let them get use to the changes having an infant it the house will mean. Because they are in school in the morning and come home to nap I get to spend most of the day resting, recovering and spending time with Noa, but when they wake up from their nap I try to let Noa be in her swing so I can focus on the girls. Timing doesn’t always work out but between the afternoon hours and bedtime I have managed to make quality time with the girls a priority each day.

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What to expect… A cesarean section

by Juliemara

What to expect… A cesarean section and an infant.

Infants are so cute. I don’t think that newborn baby wonder ever goes away. Maybe that’s why Michelle Duggar had 19 kids. The fact that all the parts of a human can fit inside a tiny little body is amazing. And then the amount of anger that little body can display is truly unbelievable.

Recovery from a c-section is hard. After the surgery is over the epidural line stays in for 24 hours to administer pain meds. I think it should stay in for 48 hours. The pills just don’t cut it that second night (why I am up writing this and not getting sleep that I need) . Not only does the incision hurt but the epidural location is now just as painful.

Teaching a baby how to breastfeed is hard, even if you’ve taught a class of two babies before, it’s hard. You have to be very patient even when they are not. Nurses and other hospital staff are not buzzing around me giving me breast feeding advice and the babies formula like last time. This time I have been greatly encouraged to breastfeed only. Which is fine, I like the encouragement. I also have no problem giving a formula bottle if necessary. But it turns out that a woman’s body is smarter that one might think, mine remembered that the last time I supplies milk for babies there were two, so this time I have enough milk for two again!

A baby’s personality and habits change daily at the beginning. Day 1 is sleepy baby. Noa slept 8 hour stretches the whole first 24 hours. Day two was about eating. She breastfed on and off from one until one am with maybe an hour in between at times. Day three she seemed to get a pattern of 2 1/2 to 3 hours between feedings, but day four she decided every 1 1/2 hours was more fun.

This time around I have decided and have the flexibility to not try to figure everything out. Instead I’m going to go with the flow and adapt when necessary. I’ll get the musts done firsts and when there is time I’ll get to the rest, like blogging, and bath time (just kidding on the last one).


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Thinking about going home

by Juliemara


(Written while in the hospital)

Thinking about going home I have good bit of anxiety. I’ve felt guilty the whole time We’ve been away that Talia and Jordan weren’t with us to share the first experiences of a new baby joining our family. Even before I came to the hospital I was beating myself up about not being able to run and play with them like I do when I wasn’t pregnant. And now, at least for a little while I am still pretty immobile from my operation and the girls will have to wait again to really play with mommy.

And to add to the anxiety my post pardon state is making me worry about the world I’ve brought this sweet baby into. The world is not a nice place, Noa has to learn that the hard way just like everyone else. Right now I’m wishing she didn’t, that I could shield her from any evil that might come her way. I can’t, nobody can, we will do everything we can to make child hood as fun as possible for all our children and to prepare them to fend for themselves in a not so perfect world. And maybe in a few weeks I’ll be back to my old self and not worrying about things that aren’t with worrying about.

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Big Sisters

by Juliemara

Watching the playback of this video I really wish some one had told me the helium balloon voice was probably scaring the girls.

I don’t think they were really scared, but they were very mellow. They seamed so unsure about the whole thing. I read about how to make the experience as “normal” as possible, but I think they were just too young to really get it.
They likes looking at her, but enjoyed the gifts they for from her much more.
They said thank you for the gifts Noa gave them and told their nanny she should put her down when she picked the baby up.

I can’t believe we are really a family of five.


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by Juliemara

Noa Mechal Sack
Born February 17, 2014 at 8:35 in the morning. She weighs 7lbs 4oz and is 19″ long.

She is a chubby little girl with a ton of dark hair.

Thank you to everyone for your phone calls and text messages wishing us well. Everything went as planned.






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Snow Day!

by Juliemara


Unlike our first snow storm in GA this winter that started with seven hours in the car and two days at my sisters with only the clothes on our back this time around we were snug as a bug in a rug at home.
Tuesday started out with a snow sleet mix in the morning so we all decided to stay home for the day. That night the ice started falling and continued all day Wednesday. Again we stayed home and inside. Wednesday night the icy drops finally turned to snowflakes and coated our little part of the world in a winter wonderland that was just enough to have some fun in.


After being so ill prepared the first time around I bought the girls snow pants and snow boots to have on hand just in case, I’m so glad I did. Even if it’s the only time they wear them it was well worth the money to have for this perfect day. I got it all on super clearance from Lands End and hopefully the pants will still fit them next year since I bought a size up.








We played in the two inches of snow for more than an hour. The girls built a snowman, threw snow balls, ate icicles, made snow angles and jumped off everything they could find.


Back inside we carried on with snow day fun and made hot chocolate with marshmallows and decorated sugar cookies for valentines day.

I’m ok with only having a snow day once a year, it gives us southerners an excuse to pack it full of winter traditions. By mid afternoon all the snow was gone and most of the ice had disappeared. Two days from now it’s going to 60 degrees outside but I know Talia and Jordan will be talking about their Snowmam (how the girls say snowman) with a carrot for a nose for some time to come.

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Toddlers and a baby

by Juliemara



I had high hopes of a cute toddler plus baby maternity series, but my girls are not exactly into siting still, following directions or looking in the same direction happily at the same time. So this is the best I could get. Maybe I will use this as my first of weekly post of toddlers and a baby. Just what I need another project!

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Ahh by self

by Juliemara



Ah by self (all by myself), the current theme of the day at our house. Two very independent ladies want to do everything all by there selves. They are getting pretty good at it too. Putting on socks and shoes, cutting food, buckling booster seats, flossing teeth, squirting the lotion in their hands. Most of these activities are done supervised for safety and when they get frustrated I can step in to help. And the lotion can get pretty messy very quickly.

But lately I have been trying to avoid messes as much as possible because cleaning them up is nearly impossible. But I can’t put two year olds on hold. So things are a bit messy and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Two is fun, it’s more of a test than an experience. My favorite is when I say yes, but since they assumed the answer would be no the tantrum ensues for no reason at all. Love those little moments.

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