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How to earn money from blogging

by Juliemara

A big part of being a blogger are your readers. A successful blog by industry standards has over one million page views a month. Sure I started my blog so that my unborn children’s grandparents could follow along during my pregnancy, I continued to blog because it gave me a way to communicate on a large scale with friends and family during those first few months after the girls were born and I will continue to blog because I am creating the best baby book that I can. It will live on forever for the girls and for myself. I already find myself getting lost in old posts, reading how I felt during those first few weeks and looking at the pictures of the tiny babies I once had.  I also blog because it can be a source of extra income, it doesn’t compare to my full time job, but with a little effort on my part, my blog could generate a little extra for us each month, maybe eventually enough for diapers! For example, in the nearly two years that I have been blogging I have earned approximately $15!

Here is how it all works…

If you read my blog via email or a blog reader such as Google reader or networked blogs, then you won’t see any advertisements and my blog receives no credit for you having read my blog. So if you have an extra minute click on the post title so that you are taken to the actual blog, and you will get counted!

Up until about three weekes ago there was a video advertisment at the bottom of every post, that ad was placed by my web host and I received payment for each person that saw the ad, or visited the actual web page, about a 1/10 of a penny for each view. You don’t have to actually watch the video, just visiting the actaul page counts as a page view. I recived a total of $8 in the 6 months that those ads were running, which means I had about 8000 page views during that time. Page views are calculated by visits from different IP addresses, so visiting from the same computer 10 times in a day still only counts as 1 page view, but visiting from your computer, phone and ipad counts as three page views!

The video ads are no longer displayed in my posts becuase I recently moved my blog to a new web host. Now that I am located on this new web host I can choose the type of advertisments that I want displayed and where. The first ad I’ve added is on the right side of the blog,  under Sponsers, it will change depeding on your interests!


The ad you see probably looks nothing like this. If you have visited a particular product on the web it may show that product in the space or something similar that you may also be interested in purchasing. If you are then you should click the ad and buy it! I promise it is a safe and secure connection.

Another way I can earn from my blog is through my Amazon store. I changed the link from a picture of Sofie teething doll

to a product carousel to make it more obvious for you to find.


The cool thing about the Amazon store is that as long as you click the link from my blog to get to Amazon, anything you buy, weather it is in my shop or not, is credited to me for “referring” you, so I make a tiny percentage of your total sale! This is the link to dag to your tool bar if you want to bookmark it so you can click there before you shop rather than having to visit my blog first.

Another way I am hoping to add readers to my blog and ultimately increase ad revenue is through blog databases. Top Baby Blogs is a great one, it’s how I found some of my favorite blogs to read, like Dear Baby and the Great Umbrella Heist. By clicking the “brown “vote for me” button which will always be on the right side and then on the vote here box on the page you will be taken to


Smilingwatermelon will get ranked higher and higher. The goal is to make it into the top 10, then my blog will show up on the front page, which will means that anyone who visits this site will see my blog and hopefully come for a visit. But for this to happen, ALL my readers have to click on the box and then on the link, every day! I will keep you posted as to my ranking, right now I am #303 out of #495, with 6 vote clicks, clearly I need some clicking help!

I will probably continue to ad additional advertisements to the blog, but it is important to me that the look of my blog stays clean and appealing to the eye. I won’t ever make my blog so full of ads that it’s no longer fun to read or hard to find the content. I will also continue to recommend products that I have found useful from Amazon. Many bloggers accept payment for sponsored ads, I’ve never done one but maybe I will in the future. I would love for other bloggers or business to be sponsors of my blog, but I know I need a lot more readers for sponsorships to be appealing to businesses so I’ll keep working at it.

An in the mean time, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being my readers,  I love sharing this adventure with you.


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Smiling Watermelon’s Amazon Store

by Juliemara

I’m sure all of you have seen that cute Sophie giraffe over there on the right side of this blog

and maybe some of you have clicked on it and were taken to this page

It is my Amazon store.

I choose products from Amazons selection and add them to my store. Many of the items that I used and liked are in there, like the twin nursing pillow I used.


And then there are items that I wish we had bought instead of what we did, like the first years bottle drying rack


rather than the Skip Hop one we did, because it looked cool,


but it’s really not very functional. We’ve made due with it because we had it but if I had to do it over, I’d go with the First Years one.

Here’s the cool thing about an Amazon store if someone, anyone buys something from amazon weather it is in my Amazon store or not I get paid a referral fee from Amazon! It’s a tiny amount but if all of you who shop on Amazon clicked on little Sophie Giraffe

and then went to shopping it could add up. And that could mean free diapers! We use a lot of diapers, about 14 a day or 280 a month, and I get them all conveniently and automatically delivered to my house from Amazon on a monthly basis with my Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save Subscription.

I actually buy a lot of things from Amazon, I’ll check the price of something at Target or Walmart, if it’s the same price I get it from Amazon, because it gets delivered, which saves me time and gas! And then there are those times when I know I won’t be getting to the store in the next two days so I’ll order whatever I just need soon from amazon and know that it will be here in two, three days at most. Amazon really is a Moms and maybe every busy bees best friend. The girls like Amazon too, they often have sales on great toys or baby items, but to be honest, the boxes are their favorite part.

And the best part about shopping through the Smiling Watermelon Favorite Baby Products Amazon store you still use your Amazon account, your own Prime membership, Your Amazon Mom Membership and your Subscribe and Save account. It won’t cost you anything extra it just give us a bonus!

So when you are stuffed to the gills this holiday weekend and you plop down on the couch to start your online shopping spree don’t forget the steps

Favorite baby products

Powered by Amazon


it’s that easy! Happy Shopping! And thanks in Advance.

Oh and setting up your very own Amazon store is really easy to, all you need is an Amazon account and a social security number. If you have a blog or even just want to recommend your own set of products on Facebook or twitter you should.

Safe Travels This weekend!

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That’s funny

by Juliemara

Becky is one of my favorite mommy bloggers, she blogs about her Twin boys. I loved the screen shot of her text convo with her mom, so my mom. Love you mom and I know the babies are way more interesting to see than me.

I found this cute picture of kid art used to decorate over the crib. The girls are nearly nine months old and I still haven’t finished their nursery. I already have plans to redo the room for their toddler years. I want something for the wall over their bed, not their names and not another picture gallery like I have over the couch. Hmmm.

You know how sometimes when you think out loud you answer your own question, I just answered mine. Stay tuned…

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