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Thift Shop Win

by Juliemara

IMG_6576 IMG_6563 bonpoint_baby


I don’t need any new clothes for Noa. But I love new clothes. I just like looking at different outfits. Plus I dress Noa much differently than the girls were dressed. When Talia and Jordan were babies they wore two piece outfits because they were pretty much on the floor all day. And if they spit up or pooped out of their diaper it was easier to change half an outfit rather than the whole thing. Noa is out and about with me. I prefer to dress her in one pieces, especially the woven ones with this summer being as warm as it is and her being the little chunkster that she is. I didn’t have many one pieces like this in the 3-6 month size. I have some bigger ones and a few knit ones. I bought one or two new ones and then I discovered Once Upon a Child. A second hand kids clothing and toy store. It’s kind of my new favorite place. I love going in there and doing a once over to see if there is anything that I really don’t need but just need to have. and for a dollar or two, it’s worth the effort. A few weeks back I was looking for some new one piece woven suits for her and spotted the prettiest floral fabric. When I pulled it off the rack it was the softest fabric I’d ever felt. The tag was marked $14, which is pretty expensive for a second hand store. They price these items based on the brands, this one was Bonpoint, the most perfect French children’s clothing brand. Lucky for me they were having a half off sale. So for $7 I got this suit (in the pics) that would retail for $80 new, CRAZY! Please note the actual buttons at the bottom, aww.

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by Juliemara


I’m now 22 weeks with this little baby. Which we found out some time ago is a little lady. Lucky girl she is being born into a wardrobe that most adults would covet. Speaking from experience, being the youngest of three girls has it’s perks.

Since I have everything I could possibly need for a little girl, most of which is pink, new things for this baby are going to be things that I like right now. I need to find time to clear out our tiny guestroom to turn it into a tiny nursery. I’m going neutral, sweet and simple with this one. A natural wood IKEA crib, super soft over sized lambskin rug from Costco, an indulgent glider for me, the most adorable animal photography I’ve ever seen and a few fun and functional trinkets.


I could decorate and redecorate kids rooms over and over if I had the time.




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Lazy Sunday

by Juliemara

After a busy weekend of spending time with family we stayed home and relaxed on Sunday. The girls learned what it is to veg, and I must say they are very good at it.

Jordan has the brown bear wubanub pacifier, Talia has the light blue horse wubanub pacifier.





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Baby’s First Massage!

by Juliemara

I read this great article online about how baby massages are all the rage and can relax and calm a baby, so of course we had to try it for our girls.






Hahahaha. Just kidding! My sisters gave me a massage for my birthday, so my friend Tova at Atlanta Mobile Massage came over to give me a massage and I just thought a baby massage would be so cute, because isn’t everything with babies cute! We actually do give our babies mini massages with baby lotion every bath night but they still hate it and scream the whole time.


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Mom and baby craft project

by Juliemara

I saw this amazing DIY baby entertainment center on one of my favorite blogs to read. Made by Joel, and decided I too will make these for my babies!

So I printed the free download, found some cardboard for the top, painted it red, found a piece if wood to use for the base and some wire to hold the mobile. And after three months of planning and finding just the right materials for this project here is what I made.
No good. Its not tall enough. The wire is not stiff enough to hold the weight of the paper mobile and being a new mom of twins I no longer have the time to go searching home depot for just the right metal wire.

So I improvised….

And they love it! They just stare and stare. One of these days I’ll color some red on the little squares. But it does the job for now. So even though the project didn’t turn out as planned, we got something that works for us. Seams to be an ongoing theme this year in our house.









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by Juliemara


Talia Rose & Jordan Mia
Oct 12, 2011
Born at 7:40 & 7:41
4lbs 15ozs & 6lbs 4oz

Babies and I need some peaceful recovery time, Abba is on a cloud.
We are both in awe.

The story and more pics to come.

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