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My children are teaching me…

by Juliemara


My children are teaching me how to be a good person. I will be the first to admit, ok maybe not the first, but eventually I will admit that I can be a little crazy, controlling, self centered, rushed, among other things. My strong personality has been an important part of the amazing life I have lived. But now that I am a parent, things are a little different, it’s not about me, I can’t always control the situation and patience is about the only trait you need to parent successfully.




I am pretty good at being patient with Talia and Jordan, working on my patience with my husband and always remember after my burst or road rage that I should be more patient.


Being a working mom I savor my mornings with my girls, an hour or so of precious moments that melt my heart. I want to be that way about all the moments in life, not just the ones with my kids. It may be the end of February, but it’s never to late for a resolution.

Happy Tuesday, and please vote for us for top baby blogs! Thank you!

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