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A little hand holding

by Juliemara

We’ve started checking out pre-school options in the area for the fall. As the girls get older they are getting so curious about everything including other children. When we get together with friends and their children of similar ages the girls play so nicely and have a great time every time. A few hours of pre school each week will be a great introduction to school for the coming year.

We learned a lot about toddler development just from visiting the different school and speaking with the administrators. We also learned that holding hands with an adult and another child is an important skill for even the youngest students primarily for navigating through the halls day to day and more importantly for fire drill execution. They did assure us that if a child doesn’t want to hold hands and walk as a group in an emergency they will be carried to safety, but having the skill can’t hurt.

I tried to show Talia and Jordan how to “hold hands” by clasping my own hands together. This is what I ended up with.

Next I showed Talia how to hold my hand then asked her to hold Jordan’s.

They’ll get the hang of it. And be skipping around the house hand in Han before we know it.







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