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About Us

We met while working together at Carters® in Atlanta, Georgia.  Melissa was an artist for girls prints and Julie a designer for boys apparel. We both love being creative and crafty and loved our jobs. Eventually life took a turn and the first three of five little girls were born. Melissa became mommy of her first baby girl and Julie to identical twins Talia and Jordan, within a few months of each other.

We both continued to work for Carters for a couple of years, meeting almost daily in the lunch room to talk about mommyhood and all the struggles and joys that come with it. Then after we each had another baby we separately decided that the corporate world was not a good fit anymore and left our jobs to be full time mommies.

Fast forward to summer 2016, we reconnected through the occasional play date and started discussing the idea of getting back to our creative sides. Thus the concept of Smiling Watermelon original designs was born. 

Welcome to the beginning, we hope you will stick around for all that is yet to come.